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A message to all clients, talent and colleagues:



In response to Covid-19, I have taken the necessary steps to ensure the safety of myself, clients, talent and colleagues on set. I have completed the Barbicide Covid-19 Certification, Barbicide Certification & the American Academy of CPR & First Aid Inc. Blood Borne Pathogens Certifications with more certifications to follow as they become available. In addition to this, I will be implementing additional guidelines & practices compliant with the state/U.S laws and CDC guidelines. All current and new practices will provide a safe and clean environment for clients, talent and colleagues post the Covid-19 pandemic. 

-Shanee Danielle

Current & updated practices in response to Covid-19:

  • Daily temperature checks before the workday

  • Clients/talent will be requested to provide temperature checks and a quick health questionnaire before servicing

  • Face mask and gloves will be worn while providing service

  • All disinfectant products and personal PPE will be provided by myself and included in my updated kit fee

  • Each client will be serviced with a clean, disinfected, sanitize set of tools

  • Disposables tools will be used 

  • Barbicide solution will be used to disinfect all plastic and metal reusable tools

  • All surfaces, doorknobs, handles will be disinfected and sanitize before and after all clients/talent

  • Use of client/talents personal makeup, products or supplies will be prohibited

  • Use and touching of my kit, products and tools by the client/talent/staff will be prohibited

  • No additional patrons will be allowed during servicing

  • Services will be declined should circumstances show an unsafe work environment for both myself and/or clients/talents/staff

  • Hand washing and sanitizing is mandatory by myself, client/talent before servicing

*Additional guidelines and practices will be updated per new laws and CDC guidelines

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