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Date: August 18-19


Day 1: 12pm-5:30pm

Day 2: 11am-6:00pm


Makeup Forever

8 E 12th St

New York, NY 10003

Total Investment: $600



Makeup Forever



Leven Rose

Melanie Mills

Image Skincare

Day 1:

Sponsored by Makeup Forever


1. Artistry

  • Creating your signature look/makeup style

  • 1 ½ Live makeup demo: Glam

-Skincare and prep for the skin prior to makeup application

-How to work with dry, oily and combination skin

-Discovering undertones

-Color theory

-Applying foundation, matching foundation, suggested brands

-Foundation, highlighting & contouring techniques

-Eyeshadow application and blending techniques

- Shanee’s signature eyebrow technique

2. 30 minute grooming Demo

  • Male and female grooming for tv/film, corporate productions, photos shoots

  • Products used in production

3. 1 ½ Hour Bridal Makeup Live Demo:

  • Bridal appropriate makeup looks

  • Key bridal products for your kit

  • Traditional vs. airbrushing

  • Incorporating the infamous “smokey eye” into bridal glam

4. Bring in models for students to practice (1 ½  hour)

*Bring your own model (Makeup Forever will provide products for hands-on experience) 

5. Professional pictures

6. Class Roundup, Q&A Session

7. Social media pictures




  1. Discovery

  • Discovery session exercise: Allowing each student to determine what type of artist they would like to be. Discover who you would like to work with.

Fields in makeup artistry:

  • Tv/Film Production

-Websites where I can find production bookings

-Production set rules and protocol

-Working with celebrities/public figures

-Whats a deal memo?

-How to get a call back

-Maintaining consistent bookings

-Kit and products for tv/film

-Special FX

-Joining a union

-Tv/Film gigs vs. Reality Show gigs (The difference)

  • Bridal Artist

-Branding to attract brides

-Pricing for the bride, bridal party and additional attendants

-Additional pricing for add on’s (parking, early morning fees, airbrushing, overtime fees, travel fees)

-Curating a contract for brides (What's in your contract?)


-Bridal trials

-Bridal Kit

-Working on the job terms and conditions

  • Glam Artist (Prom, special events, house calls, etc)

-Standard glam

-Do you want to work on-site, your own studio or in salon?

-Staying current with makeup trends that most clients are already aware of.

-Kit and brands

  • Commercial/Editorial/Fashion

-Connecting with local editorial/commercial photographers to build your book

-Getting picked up by an agency

-How to get into fashion week, fashion week experience

-Kit and brands

-Working with agencies

-Assisting other artists at agencies

2. What Now?

Now that you’ve established the type of artist you want to be, what now?

  • Coming up with your artistry name (The do’s and don’ts)

  • Portfolio building

  • Assisting other artists for on set experience

  • The pros of doing TFP and free work in the beginning of your career

  • Continuing your education

  • Website and social media building

  • Do your research in your area

  • Determining your target market and your main market

  • Websites

  • MUA Resumes

3.  Investments:

What is costs to be a makeup artist

  • Kit

-How to get pro discounts

-Stores specifically for pro artists

-Consolidating your kit, buying products you need and not products you want

-Shopping for the best makeup deals


  • Education

-Invest by taking makeup classes by artists in your specific genre of makeup

(Fashion, editorial, commercial, tv/film, bridal, glam etc.)

-The Makeup Show: Seminars and discounted pro makeup

  • Branding


-Business cards


-Social media promotions

-Monthly subscriptions to job listing sites, editing software, bookings sites, organization etc

-Promotional material

4. Rates and fees:

  • Researching the going rates in your area

  • Rates per face, per hour, per day and half day

  • Establishing overtime fees

  • Establishing travel fees

  • Establishing late fees

  • Establishing early morning fees

  • Second artist and assisting fees

5. Finances:

  • How to curate an invoice

  • Taking payments

  • Paypal vs. Venmo & Cash App

  • Deposits

  • Deposits in Bridal

  • Deal Memos

  • Pay periods in TV/FILM

  • Quotes

  • Write offs

  • Taxes

6. Communication:

How to communicate with clients

  • Business phone number

  • Professional email address

  • Contact Page on Website connected to your email address

  • DM policy

  • Text policy

  • Establishing your hours of communication

7. Bookings:

  • Booking terms and conditions

  • Booking systems and calendars

  • Contracts

  • Deposits and why they are important

  • Cancellations policies

  • Late policies

  • Forms & Documents

  • Confirmation emails

  • Getting to know your client (What questions to ask the client during the booking process)

8. Social Media

  • Staying current and active

  • Content creating

  • Business pages and it’s importance

  • What should be in your bio/about me?

  • Analytics

  • Using Snapchat and Insta Stories to your advantage

  • What social media platforms should I use for my business

  • What NOT to put on my social media

  • Instagram and Facebook Ads

  • Tutorials

  • Editing pictures Yay or nay?

  • Before and afters?

9. Making connections and networking

  • Reaching out to local vendors

  • Connecting with other area artists for referrals

  • Join meetups

  • Following up’s

  • Reaching out to agencies to assist

  • Trade shows and other conventions

  • Introducing yourself to makeup brands

10. Showing up to the job/on the job:

  • Time

  • Workplace etiquette

  • Being prepared

  • Phone etiquette

  • If assisting, assisting do’s and don’ts

  • Set etiquette

  • Social media rules

  • Speed

11.Packing your kit

  • How to pack your kit per client or job (presentation)

  • Kit essentials

  • Kit consolidation

  • Depotting

  • Organization

12. Sanitation

  • Sanitation between jobs

  • Sanitation on the job

  • Cleaning your brushes

  • Cleaning products in your kit

  • When should I throw out my products?

  • Deposibles

  • Sanitation products

  • Sanitation do’s and don’ts with a client


Day 2:
Beauty Business
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